I grew up in Sofia as a child of divorced parents. I love them endlessly, and I am grateful to them for my life and for the lessons which they continue to teach me to this day. I started working from the age of 14, when I first encountered the live of the elderly.

I was interested in how they react in different situations and how they communicate, the intrigues, the teases between them, how they unite in common interests, what they are arguing about. Then I started studying in the sphere of psychology. At the age of 20 I was already a big company manager and I was running a team of people. By the age of 26 I was developing myself in this area; the most important thing for me was the human factor and keeping my team clean of intrigues and slander. All of those people say that I was not a manager for them, but a leader. And for me they were friends. That’s exactly what prevented me from continuing in this direction. Neither as a manager nor as a leader you can be a friend to your subordinates. The system itself does not allow it. It made me feel incomplete and unsatisfied and I had to choose another direction for my profession.

I went abroad and started work at a law firm. Not long after, I was a graduate Mediator and worked with clients of all ages, professions and societies. I think I discovered my mission. To help the society of this planet to communicate actively and beneficially.

Throughout my whole life dances accompanied me. I feel really alive when I dance. I started out when I was a child with sport dances. Later on I became an assistant dance trainer and a salsa instructor. That’s where I met the man of my life. We built a wonderful family with our little daughter, Luciana-Maria. In the sphere of my personal life my mediation skills play an essential role. I never imagined that managing conflicts in a family environment requires skills equivalent to capable and experienced pilots.

This is exactly why I would like to share my experience with more people in this world. I believe that a person is a mirror of his relationship with others and in order to develop ourselves we must first look where we stand amongst others in this world.

I’m not a “guru in a dress” who will teach you how to live, what to think or not, what to say or not. Like everyone in this world I also make mistakes in my relationship with others and in my communication with them. I also have my doubts and questions. I also fall into situations with those around whom I find it difficult to get out of. My little secret on the path of development is always to remain true to myself. This helps me in the lessons of life, gaining more experience, knowledge, techniques and personal discoveries that I would like to share with you as well. So please do not expect a perfect gloss, but definitely expect valuable tips, working techniques, infinite wisdom, real stories, and last but not least, full honesty and dedication.


Why choose me?

Why choose me and my team? There are many mediators and family therapists, consultants, and so on. When a person comes into a situation where he needs such a service or help, he wants to be in safe hands. Then he begins to look and exploring different specialists, their experience and qualifications. In the end, he often remains disappointed, as some of the expectations are unjustified.

So I will allow myself to give you the following advice: Choose through your intuition. You can never explore someone’s abilities before you can see it for yourself. You can, however, intuitively sense whether this specialist can help you with the specific situation. For me it’s not important to choose me as a consultant or mediator.

The most important thing for me is to achieve the result that suits you.