Family consultation
We all begin this life with a family, whether it is relatives by blood, adoptive parents or a foster family. The family in which we grow influences every aspect of our lives. It affects who we are and what we are turning to – both for good and for bad. This is where we build our vocabulary, habits, customs and our point of view for the world.  

From these first important relationships we learn how to love and how to interact with others. If we are born into a healthy family with strong relationships we will probably learn how to maintain our relationships. If we are born in a dysfunctional family with connectivity problems, we will also struggle to connect with others.  

Although it is not a good luck to be born in the second kind of family, this is not an irreversible situation. Almost all families deal with some dysfunction at some point.  

Family Therapeutic Counseling offers families a way to develop or maintain a healthy, functional family.